Market project progress: Marche Raspail and Bastille

This weekend I made it to both Marche Raspail and Marche Bastille, and the website is starting to come together. The only issue with the GoogleSite so far is that I can’t figure out how to add images/video to the page in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Other than that, it seems like a perfect platform to use for this project.

As for my experience at the markets, I learned that French people do NOT like to be filmed and photographed. One man working at a vegetable stand at Marche Raspail told me I would have to pay him 5 euro for a picture of his food. What? However everyone was fairly friendly and willing to talk about the food and where it came from, and if I chatted for long enough, give me a sample. I was able to get a lot of footage and photo. My French is sufficient when conversing with people about everyday things, and I have been able to brush up on my food vocabulary, so I had little trouble in that aspect.

The site needs organization and I owe a vegetable vendor 5 euro, but I got a nice picture of some tomatoes.

Tomatoes, illegally captured.

Tomatoes, illegally captured.


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